Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Burn Ward

Why do we need to see the person we recently had sex with so badly? Random? Yes. But it’s true isn’t it?
I was in the car today with a friend, who was talking to another friend on the phone, when she put it out there, like it was a fact of life, “In any case, you feel like you have to see the guy the day after you’ve had sex with him. That’s just normal.”  She had just hung it up on the wall with the rest of the things we take for granted like period cramps, hunger pangs and hangovers.  I had never thought about it before. I just assumed it was a curse that would kill me piece by piece until I saw ‘his’ face. But looks like we all go through it. So now that it’s out there… in the open, flitting about freely… will I save myself some heart burn in the future, knowing that it’s just another one of those dreadful things that I must endure like everyone else till it passes? Or is it another one of those things that no matter how much or how little you know, will affect you in the same way every time contact is made? A bit like the oil splatter from frying chips.


Anonymous said...

dats a relief! coz i thot i was d only one!!!!

Rifq said...

you're not alone!