Sunday, August 12, 2012

Daddy's grown up girl

You’ve loved me in every way you knew how
You brought me “kill bill yellow” flowers,
And traveled across oceans to surprise me.
Your crooked smile never failed to mend my broken heart.
You taught me harsh lessons,
And pretended to disappear.
I know I never called your home mine,
I know it upset you,
I know you worried about a place I could call home.
But everywhere I wandered,
I had a sense of home,
Because I had you.
You were my superman.
My only man.
There was no kryptonite in my version of your story.
I didn’t see it,
Because I was it.
I wish I had.
I wish I knew.
I wish all that you taught me included that.
I’d eat all the onions,
Scrape my plate and cringe,
If I could change what I did today.
I’m sorry you taught me so well.
I was always your little girl,
But after today,
I’ll be grown up for you. 

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Storm Chaser

I spin around in circles,
To make myself dizzy.
I don’t like the calm.
It’s not for me.
Spin around,
Settle down.
That’s the feeling I miss.
It’s too calm in my head.
The world is too settled.
I’m waiting for a storm,
To pick me up,
And take me away.
Some place far away.
I lean my head out,
Hoping to catch it first.
The storm laughs,
And blows me a kiss.
"I’m only passing through", he says.
I know this feeling,
I’ve had it before.
So I brush away the wind from my hair,
And offer him a coke.
He prefers juice and a smoke instead.
I smile at the irony,
Of chasing a storm,
When all I thought I wanted
Was some peace and calm.