Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Storm Chaser

I spin around in circles,
To make myself dizzy.
I don’t like the calm.
It’s not for me.
Spin around,
Settle down.
That’s the feeling I miss.
It’s too calm in my head.
The world is too settled.
I’m waiting for a storm,
To pick me up,
And take me away.
Some place far away.
I lean my head out,
Hoping to catch it first.
The storm laughs,
And blows me a kiss.
"I’m only passing through", he says.
I know this feeling,
I’ve had it before.
So I brush away the wind from my hair,
And offer him a coke.
He prefers juice and a smoke instead.
I smile at the irony,
Of chasing a storm,
When all I thought I wanted
Was some peace and calm.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

much like the view from the eye of the storm.