Friday, October 22, 2010

Of Heffalumps and Hollow Trees

‘Twas past her bedtime
So I put her to bed.
Read me a story she said.
Knowing not more than me when I was ten
The honey bear and Blyton were called upon again.

If sleep was a friend
Some shame must have passed
For he had found his abode someplace far.
She cocked her head, with a look of disbelief,
“It’s a plain ol’ elephant and tree!”

With an arrow that pierced the depth of my soul,
I tried to explain; and myself console,
The heffalump in its fantastical form
And the house inside a tree trunk.

As I battled to keep my childhood alive,
Her army surrendered,
To my friend who had blundered.
I rescued my past, but left it’s soul on the battlefield
Hoping that one day she would follow it’s lead.


Ve said...

What?? No Moonface from the Faraway tree?? lol.. my first time on your blog, and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying myself!!! 'About Me' describes you as a scriptwriter, and while I'm not qualified to judge your work, as far as your blog goes, its two thumbs up from me!! So at the risk of sounding pushy, I have to ask.. any chance you might consider making more than just the bi-annual appearance on your own blog?? :D

On a completely unrelated note, based on your profile pic..the Audrey Hepburn similarity is bloody uncanny!!! Tho I'm guessing it cant be easy to maintain that doe-eyed angelic look all the time huh?? lol.. No offence meant!! ;-)

Rifq said...

thank you so much.... i do need to visit this space more often.