Friday, December 18, 2009

Aliens Househunting on Carter Road

“Doesn’t it feel like home?” she asked putting her bag down and taking in what she wanted to be her new home.
“I’m just worried about the wind factor,” said he looking out at the sea.
“I think it’s just perfect. And a little wind never hurt anyone anyway,” she said.
Without waiting for him to agree or disagree, she pulled out her little stove from her trunk and began to boil the water for their evening tea.
“Is it that time already?” he asked, placing his reading chair in full view of the sea and looking at his watch, “I didn’t realize it had gotten so late.”
She looked at him from behind the gassy waves of disillusion coming from the stove and smiled in his direction, but to herself. Of course he had no idea. That’s what she was there for. She gave him his cup of tea and perched herself on the arm of his chair, as they both stared out at the beautiful view of the ships coming in, meandering in their respective thoughts.
“I think I like our new home. Don’t you?” she said breaking the silence.
“I can feel the wind already. It’s going to get cold in the nights I’ll tell you that,” said he, fidgeting a little in his position.
Just then, a gust of wind blew causing a twig to fall into his cup of tea. He picked it out, slightly irritable and threw it on the floor, taking another sip of his tea.“The twigs here have a funny flavour”, he said crossing his eyebrows and smacking his lips as if still trying to decipher what went wrong with his tea. “I’m sure there must be other places with a view where the twigs don’t taste so funny” he said and stood up as if he had made up his mind. “In any case the wind over here is going to cause much trouble,” he said picking up his suitcase and hat. He looked at her waiting for her to get up, while she stayed perched on the chair, in the hope that he would change his mind. But when he put his hat on, she knew there was no convincing him to stay. So she packed up her stove and the tea cups and the strange couple walked out onto the promenade, hand in hand, their belongings on their back, completely oblivious to the looks being passed from the onlookers taking their evening walk, as they trudged along, looking for a place to call home.

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