Friday, December 18, 2009

Run Away Lover

That old feelings back again
The sound of the click,
The sound of the silence,
The sound of waiting, knowing noone’s going to answer.

I’m laughing out loud
Mind the puddle of tears on your way out
I’d loan you my gumboots
But I’d rather you splashed around a little

You take your time to come around
I’ll take my holiday now
You say you try
I’m saying you tried

Yes it’s that time of the year again
The same time as last time
To pack your bags
Go on vacation

Check into your heartbreak hotel
Maybe you'll meet Elvis
Maybe you’ll bump into a hooker
Don’t pay for sex, It pays for itself

The hotel room’s for free
And so is the vacation
The shopping's where they'll fuck you

So I take the next flight out
Bye bye birdy
This chicken has flown the coop

If I could spread my wings, I would
But chickens don’t fly
So I take the plane instead

Yes that old feelings back again
The sound of a crack
The sound of your head
The sound of you knowing he’s gone for good

So put your phone off, it ain’t gonna ring
This plane’s ready for take off
And I want to land safely.


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