Friday, December 18, 2009

Groupie Love

She said come now baby,
I went along.
No questions asked, no tantrums thrown,
Against my intention to this day prolong.

I’d heard him before
But this time was blown.
What say you to a boy with locks,
Spins yarns and tunes to make you stay
I stayed and stared, like never before.

He saw me I think
But I can’t be sure
I stared too hard to notice.

Ask me what he looks like
And I haven’t a clue
But name me the song and I know the lyrics.

He finished his song,
I waved my hat,
I’ve seen you before he said,
I’ve heard you before I said.
He smiled and walked away.

I’ll be your groupie any ol’ time,
I’ll hold you to it, said he,
Still walking away.

I meant every word
He couldn’t care less
I tipped my hat to bid adieu
And followed the rest.

So here I sit,
Writing this shit,
There seems not another way
To get him to come out and play.

And so I rest my shit for that day
When to his songs again I'll sway.


anilkumarpottupally said...

jus wow

Rifq said...

thank you.